Issue 01

3 Poems by Joshua Dale

All Sewer Drains Smell the Same

All sewer drains smell the
no matter which rank city.
They say the ancient Greeks
invented indoor plumbing,
but wine and olives for breakfast can’t
be interchanged.
There is a slight change in
the biochemistry of the bowel,
(for example, Philadelphia has that antiquated Keystone stench)
but whether you’re in Atlanta,
Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Barcelona,
Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Baghdad, Tehran, New Delhi, Beijing,
hell, even Pyongyang—
(don’t ask, don’t tell)
the compost builds
exponentially with fertile flowers,
keeping us constrained in one
place; one man-made being
of diversified shit, even when
the temporary rain dissolves us—
the woes of carbon monoxide molecules dying.

Josh Dale is a Temple University senior that has been previously published in Black Elephant Literary Magazine, Dead Snakes, Peeking Cat Poetry, Madness Muse Magazine, Paradox, In Their Own Words, Indie Affair Magazine, and Temple’s undergraduate literary magazine, Hyphen. A short story writer by heart, and a craft beer enthusiast by soul, he has switched gears towards an entrepreneurial endeavor with a traditional publishing company, Thirty West Publishing House, which focuses on hand-made chapbooks and weekly columns by guest contributors. Within, he has self-published 2 chapbooks and a short poetry collection titled, Duality Lies Beneath.

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