Issue 01

2 Poems by Jeff Weddle

Sometime later the sky opened
things fell upon us
upon the streets and houses
upon the cars and movie theaters
upon the old women with canes
and their idiot husbands
sometime later the sky opened
things fell upon the bicycle riders
and acrobats
upon the prostitutes and police officers
upon the destitute and dying
and the beautiful girls with auburn hair
and the brave young men with flowers
things fell
crushing those objects you might imagine
they would crush
even dogs and children
not cats, of course,
for cats are wise and adept 
at vanishing
but it was unspeakable
this crushing
so I can’t comment on what they were
these things that fell upon us
that crushed us
but sometime later the sky opened
it did 
and things fell upon us
and things fell 
and fell
and fell
and I was not sad
because I knew it was coming
and I am, after all, a man
and I do not give in to sorrow
I will miss you, though
beautiful one
I will miss you most of all
I will miss you like my own blood
amid this wasted splendor

Jeff Weddle won the Eudora Welty Prize for his first book, Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and Loujon Press (University Press of Mississippi, 2007). His latest book is an award-winning short story collection, When Giraffes Flew (Southern Yellow Pine, 2015). Other books include a poetry collection, Betray the Invisible (OEOCO, 2010), and as co-author, The Librarian’s Guide to Negotiation: Winning Strategies for the Digital Age (Information Today, 2012). He teaches in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama.

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